About us

Orchid was founded in 2017, on the principle that the internet should be more open and more accessible, to everyone. In 2017 and 2018, Orchid successfully raised more than $48 million, and those funds immediately went towards building the Orchid team – now with offices in CA and Berlin – and to creating the technology and products that will advance our mission.

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Can decentralized technologies preserve democracy? (Oslo Freedom Forum)

Dr. Seven Waterhouse, Orchid co-founder & CEO discusses solutions to combat the global rise of centralized surveillance states and how decentralization of the global internet architecture could be the key to preserving democracy, privacy, and individual rights.

Why We Need a Better VPN

As dueling interests move to control the future of the internet, users around the globe are increasingly turning to VPNs. But what users don't know is that many VPNs fail to provide the security and privacy that they advertise.

Access Denied: Restoring the Internet's Openness

Governments and corporate interests are competing to own the future of the internet, and with it, control information and personal data. As users, developers, and investors, how can we take back control?

The Commodification of You

How ISPs, apps, third parties, and websites are raking in the big bucks by tracking your clicks, emails, and purchases—and what we can do to control our digital identities.


Orchid’s founders bring together deep experience in the open source software community (BASH Shell, GNU Finger), technology management (RPX IPO), blockchain investment (Bitstamp, Pantera Capital), jailbroken app package management (Cydia) and security (Wells Fargo’s 1st Online Banking, Ethereum core security team).

Backed by leading investors

  • DFJ
  • Andreessen Horowitz
  • Sequoia
  • Yes VC
  • Danhua Capital
  • C
  • MetaStable
  • Blockchain Capital
  • Box Group

“Orchid struck us as one of the first killer apps that we can see getting broad appeal. It also has an important mission that we think is very timely in the world today.”

— Matt Huang, Former Sequoia partner and Paradigm co-founder (Business Insider, Nov. 2017)

  • Wing
  • Foundation Capital
  • BlockChange Capital
  • Scytale Ventures
  • Standard Kepler
  • Hack VC
  • Struck Capital
  • Moon Capital
  • Springview Capital
  • Altair Capital
  • KittyHawk
  • Crypto Bazar
  • Day One Ventures

Corporate info

Orchid is a Delaware c-corp

1288 Columbus Ave. #122,
San Francisco, CA 94133
Skalitzer Str. 85,
10997 Berlin, Germany

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