All purchases are 100% covered by the in-app purchase refund policy. iOS/macOS purchases have 90 days to request a refund. For Google Play purchases, the refund window is 48 hours.

Step 1: Choose a starting amount for your Orchid account

Orchid accounts include 24/7 customer support, unlimited devices and are backed by the xDai cryptocurrency.



One-time fee.

Good for browsing and light activity. Refund policy covered by app stores.



One-time fee.

Ideal size for medium-term, individual usage that includes browsing and light streaming. Refund policy covered by app stores.



One-time fee.

Bandwidth-heavy, long-term usage or shared accounts. Refund policy covered by app stores.

*Orchid is a bandwidth marketplace and the price per GB can fluctuate with market demands. Currently the price is $0.06/GB.
Orchid accounts purchased through the App stores are backed by the xDai crypto currency.
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Step 2: Pay in the Orchid app

Download the Orchid app and fund an account using an in-app purchase. Once funded, you can connect to the Orchid network.


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Purchasing an Orchid account includes

24/7 customer support via email
Apps for iOS, macOS, and Android
Unlimited devices and sharing
Open Source code that is trusted and audited
No app tracking, website tracking or logging
Not satisfied? Get a refund through the App stores, no questions asked!
Orchid's Values