Orchid Account Set-up

To start using Orchid, you need an Orchid account. There are three ways to get access to an Orchid account right now:

  • Someone could share one with you
  • You can buy an xDAI account with a $1 USD in-app purchase on iOS, macOS & Android
  • You can create an account with OXT and ETH for network fees

This set-up guide will cover the process to create an account using our web3-based dapp and your own OXT and ETH. If you already have a QR code for an existing Orchid account, you can skip to step 4 of this guide.

*Ethereum gas notice*: As of Q4 2021, Ethereum gas fees can be upwards of $90 USD to fund an Orchid account with OXT and a similar fee is required to unlock and withdraw unused OXT. This is the network cost paid in ETH. We recommend buying an account in the app using an in-app purchase which start at $1 USD. We are working on getting Orchid on chains with lower network fees for use with the dapp.

Ethereum Gas Amounts (November 2021):

  • Account Creation: 225,000
  • Unlock: 50,000
  • Withdraw: 150,000
Step 1

Create a new Ethereum wallet

We recommend using a new Ethereum wallet address for Orchid that is not linked to other Ethereum products or services you use.

We test with Metamask, which is a great choice for an Ethereum wallet.

Step 2

Load the Orchid DApp

Load account.orchid.com in your wallet’s browser or your preferred browser with a wallet plugin enabled. It’s a good idea to bookmark this page for the future.

You might be prompted to “connect” your wallet to the Orchid DApp so it can read the wallet account balances.

Step 3

Add funds to your wallet

Adjust your account to see how much OXT you need for the efficiency you want. Also note the amount of ETH needed for network fees.

You will need both of those amounts in your attached wallet in order to create and fund the account. See our participating exchanges for acquiring OXT.

Step 4

Create your account

A Signer address is needed to create the account. Generate a Signer in the DApp, or generate one in the app (Android only) and paste it in.

Hit Create account to submit both transactions to your wallet for approval. Approve both transactions and then wait for them to complete on Ethereum.

Step 5

Connect your account and app

Download the Orchid app for Android or iOS.

Google PlayiOS

Open the app, tap Manage Profile, create a New Hop and then Link Orchid Account to pay for VPN service.

That’s it! You’re ready to start exploring freely. Stay curious out there!

Where to get OXT?

When we learn of new listings, they will be publicly announced. If you see OXT being traded on an exchange that isn’t listed here, please use the contact form to let us know, so that it can be added to our list.

Exchange Listings


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OXT Contract on Ethereum


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