Orchid Account Set-up

To start using Orchid, you need an Orchid account. There are three ways to get access to an Orchid account right now:

  • Someone could share one with you
  • You can buy an account on iOS
  • You can create an account with OXT

This set-up guide will cover the process to create an account using our web3-based dapp and your own OXT. If you already have a QR code for an existing Orchid account, you can skip to step 4 of this guide.

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Create a new Ethereum wallet

We recommend using a new Ethereum wallet address for Orchid that is not linked to other Ethereum products or services you use. We also recommend Metamask.

Alternatively, Coinbase Wallet is also compatible with Orchid.


Load the Orchid DApp

Load account.orchid.com in your wallet’s browser or your preferred browser with the wallet plugin enabled. It’s a good idea to bookmark this page for the future.

You might be prompted to “connect” your wallet to the Orchid DApp so it can read the wallet account balances.


Add funds to your wallet

To fund the Orchid account, you will need the OXT you want to move into it and ETH for the transaction cost.

The DApp will show the amount of OXT and ETH needed. Transfer the OXT and ETH into your wallet and tap the Create Account button. You then approve two Ethereum transactions. Once those complete, copy your Orchid account code or save the QR code for scanning.


Connect your Account and app

Download the Orchid app for Android or iOS.

Google PlayiOS

Open the app, create a new hop and link the new Orchid account to pay for VPN service.

Manage Profile

New Hop

Link Orchid Account


Start exploring freely!

On the Orchid app’s connect screen, tap Connect. This enables Orchid on your device, activates your configured hop(s) and sends your internet traffic through Orchid.

That’s it!
You’re ready to start exploring freely.
Stay curious out there!

Where to get OXT?

When we learn of new listings, they will be publicly announced. If you see OXT being traded on an exchange that isn’t listed here, please use the contact form to let us know, so that it can be added to our list.

Exchange Listings


OXT Contract on Ethereum


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