The Priv8 Podcast with Derek E. Silva
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Mar 9, 2022

Episode 86: Dr. Elaine Kasket

This week host Derek E. Silva joins Dr. Elaine Kasket, author of All the Ghosts in the Machine: The Digital Afterlife of Your Personal Data. It’s a great conversation on digital immortality, who owns your social media profile in the afterlife, and how to protect your legacy online.
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Mar 2, 2022

Episode 85: Isaiah Jackson

This week's episode features an exclusive talk from Priv8's recent digital summit. Tech journalist Naomi Brockwell joins Isaiah Jackson, best-selling author of Bitcoin and Black America, for a great conversation on how crypto is the solution to financial empowerment and security in the future.
Feb 23, 2022

Episode 84: Greg Osuri and Tor Bair

This week's episode features an exclusive talk from Priv8's recent digital summit. Tech journalist Benjamin Powers moderates a distinguished panel featuring CEO of Akash Network, Greg Osuri, Founder of the Secret Foundation, Tor Bair, and more to discuss Web3, data sovereignty, and the decentralized future!
Feb 16, 2022

Episode 83: Rob Shavell

Host Derek E. Silva joins Rob Shavell, CEO of Abine and DeleteMe, an online data protection company. We take a deep dive into the hidden powers of data brokers, how to stop companies from selling your identity, and new privacy law reform.
Feb 9, 2022

Episode 82: Markus Lampinen

Host Derek E. Silva joins Markus Lampinen, CEO of Prifina, an open app data market. They take a deep dive into personal data ownership, privacy challenges in the metaverse, and GDPR's rule on the right to be forgotten.
Feb 2, 2022

Episode 81: Peter McCormack

Host Derek E. Silva joins Peter McCormack, Chairman of the sports club Bedford FC and host of the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast. They take a deep dive into Peter’s journey into crypto, the impact of government surveillance, and protecting free speech in the digital age.
Jan 26, 2022

Episode 80: Omar Tene

Host Derek E. Silva joins Omer Tene, Senior Fellow at the Future of Privacy Forum, a privacy think tank advancing principled data practices in support of emerging technologies. They take a deep dive into protecting privacy in an AI-driven world, GDPR enforcement, and the top global privacy issues we face in 2022.
Jan 19, 2022

Episode 79: Eliott Teissoniere

Host Derek E. Silva joins Eliott Teissoniere, Chief Blockchain Officer at Nodle, a crowdsourced decentralized IoT network. A deep dive into building privacy-friendly solutions, decentralized governance, and unlocking the power of the Internet of Things.
Jan 12, 2022

Episode 78: Jonathan Dotan

Host Derek E Silva joins Starling Lab's founder Jonathan Dotan and producer of HBO's Emmy Award-winning series Silicon Valley. A great conversation on the original promise of the Internet, restoring digital trust and protecting human rights with Web3.
Dec 8, 2021

Episode 76: Dragana Kaurin

Host Derek E. Silva joins Founder of the Localization Lab, Dragana Kaurin, and futurist and CEO of CircleClick, Anne Ahola-Ward, for our annual privacy roundup discussion. We take a deep dive into ​​the biggest privacy and technology stories of 2021. Anne and Dragana share their perspective on the Facebook effect, how content moderation affects human rights, and how we can reimagine the Internet in 2022.

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