An Orchid Privacy Guardian is an advocate for digital freedom, educates the community about how to use privacy tools online, and promotes security best practices. Privacy Guardians run meetups, manage and grow online communities, and facilitate discussions about Internet censorship, decentralizing technologies, and other important topics.

Ready to get involved?

Become a privacy educator

Build Community

Launch an official Orchid community using the appropriate platform for your region. The Orchid team is here to help you start and grow it, host fun events and giveaways, and offer early access and content.

Host Meetups

Run a monthly meetup focused on digital freedom, technologies being used to protect privacy, and other relevant topics of interest to your community and region. Build relationships and invite like-minded projects, companies, and individuals to participate.

& Help

Teach people in your community about digital freedom, privacy and security. Help them take control of their data by educating them to use new tools and technology that increase their freedom. Share and amplify content coming from Orchid.

Who can apply?

  • People who believe in the importance of digital freedom and privacy.
  • Individuals who are prepared to start and grow a community and educate the members.
  • Self-starters who can work on their own, but also enjoy working with a team.

Privacy Guardian Benefits

Get connected

Find like-minded individuals, trade tips and tricks to protect digital privacy, discuss problems and how to overcome them together.

Earn rewards

Earn rewards for participating and educating others.

Help friends & family

Teach them how to protect themselves online with privacy tools like VPNs.

Apply today to become an Orchid Privacy Guardian!

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