Orchid is the natural internet.

Humans naturally crave space to freely express their agency. Exploring a forest awakens these feelings, and so does exploring the wild internet. No other place on Earth has such amazing potential for humans to collaborate and access opportunities. It’s ours to protect — or lose.

Orchid is a suite of open source tools and cryptographic protocols developed and run by people who want the internet to extend our natural human freedom, not curtail it. Our initial focus is an open marketplace for bandwidth built on Ethereum, and a VPN client for all major operating systems.

  • Decentralized

    Harnessing the power of Ethereum’s ecosystem allows Orchid to operate without a central authority.

  • Open Source

    Orchid is 100% open source software, enabling the sharing of ideas, community auditing, debugging, and, of course, contributions!

  • No Middlemen

    Orchid clients and network providers transact directly, with no middlemen, creating an open, transparent, and low cost marketplace for bandwidth and VPN connectivity.

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