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Our approach

We believe that by eliminating centralization, rewarding network contributors, and harnessing the power of blockchain, we can offer users better privacy.

  • decentralized


    Ethereum allows Orchid to operate without a central authority, and the network is completely permissionless.

  • open source

    Open Source

    Orchid software is Open Source to enable the sharing of ideas, auditing and debugging by the community, and of course, contributions.

  • peer to peer

    Peer to peer

    Clients and network providers transact directly with no middlemen, creating a low-cost marketplace for bandwidth and VPN connectivity.

As seen in

  • In a world where one assumes the Cambridge Analytica scandal is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to data abuse, it’s easy to see the project’s appeal."

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  • Orchid’s mission is to build open-source software that keeps the Internet open and accessible — a natural resource for everyone, everywhere.”

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  • Orchid is developing an open-source decentralized and surveillance-free internet protocol intending to provide anonymized internet access to the global community.”

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