Preferred Providers

Orchid credit accounts purchased from Orchid are part of our preferred provider system. Credit accounts purchase service exclusively from providers that have gone through a KYC process with Orchid Labs in order to be eligible to accept credits. Contact us if you would like to apply to be a preferred provider

List of preferred providers

TENTAbloqboleh vpnVPN Secure
Legal Notice

The Orchid preferred providers program is a “closed loop prepaid access” program compliant with FinCEN regulations governing closed loop prepaid access products.

Accordingly, Orchid credit accounts can be used only with the “defined merchant” list of VPN bandwidth providers provided here. Additionally, in order to comply with FinCEN regulations, purchase and use of Orchid credit accounts are limited to $200 per day.

When we learn of new listings, they will be publicly announced. If you see OXT being traded on an exchange that isn’t listed here, please use the contact form to let us know, so that it can be added to our list.

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