The web has evolved. So should your VPN.

Orchid VPN enables a bandwidth marketplace

Buyers use the Orchid app to get protection from snooping ISP's, unblock websites cutoff by firewalls, and for many other privacy benefits. Sellers receive payments in real-time as they provide service and stake OXT to compete for service requests. Orchid Technologies charges no fees, and the community maintains the Open Source software that powers the entire ecosystem. Try it out!

Fund your Orchid account

Fund in-app with your native fiat currency or use the DApp to fund an account with your crypto.

Connect to a random provider

Tap "Connect" to match with a VPN server that has locked up OXT to compete for your business.

Pay only for what you actually use

Orchid nanopayments mean you are never locked into a subscription and pay only for actual use.

Key features


Pay for VPN service using one of our supported cryptocurrencies. Not crypto savvy? You can purchase a pre-loaded account right in the app.

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Nanopayment Ecosystem

Orchid uses a new probabilistic nanopayment system to scale payment throughput via cryptocurrency-backed “tickets”.

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Traffic Analysis

Peer into the details of your device’s connections by utilizing the built-in network protocol analyzer powered by Wireshark.

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Compose your own onion-routed VPN circuit by stringing together multiple ‘hops’ for increased privacy.

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Randomized Servers

Connect randomly to an OXT-staked VPN server. Change to a new provider at any time by toggling the VPN off and back on.

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Unlimited Sharing

Share a single account across multiple devices and/or users to help out friends and family, or protect your online activity across all of your devices.

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Why Orchid?

No Subscriptions

When you buy an Orchid account via in-app purchase, your funds are converted into a crypto-backed account that you control. VPN service is paid for on a per-use basis, meaning you only pay for the bandwidth you actually use


Orchid has no tracking pixels, 3rd-party javascript or any code on Orchid.com that harvests information about you. Orchid also has no tracking systems in our applications. We absolutely do not track.

Open Source

All of Orchid's code is Open Source and freely available to download on GitHub. Use of Orchid's source code is governed by the AGPL copyleft Open Source license. The Orchid community develops code "in the open" by continually pushing changes that anyone can see on GitHub and tagging releases as appropriate.


Orchid brings leading providers together through a unique, decentralized privacy marketplace. Because there are more (and more widely distributed) servers available, the user's data has more possible paths to choose from. This randomness makes user information more difficult for would-be trackers and hackers to exploit and the service is much more resilient.

Unblock Website & Apps

Use the Orchid VPN to break through firewalls and access blocked content. Using Orchid you can access the open Internet and bypass restrictions placed by your ISP or network administrator.


Orchid has a WireGuard and Open VPN client built into the app. Using Orchid is possible with your own VPN server setup ala Streissand or other home grown solutions - even other paid VPN services. Furthermore, Orchid allows you to string multiple types of VPN servers together, which has interesting privacy properties.

Orchid's Values